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To use this platform on PC, TronLink or TronPay extension must be installed on your Google Chrome browser. If you are using smartphone TronWallet [iOS] or TronWallet [Android] is suitable. Put some TRX in your wallet and begin!
When interacting with smart contracts, it's always better to freeze some TRX to gain Energy. This way energy will be consumed when triggering smart contract's functions, instead of TRX.
Lucky Credits is a price inflationary token. When you buy or sell or transfer, the token price increases. The token will never depreciate in value.

In P3D or P3T, holding on to tokens entitles you to dividends. The disadvantage of a dividend token is that dividends generated don't contribute to the growth of the platform. Furthermore, the token also depreciates in price when players sell.

Wherelse in Lucky Credits, the players dividends are injected back into the platform to raise the token price. Tax collected from buy/sell/transfer are allocated to a seperate pool used to raise the token price. Furthermore, dice and card provides an external source of revenue to the contract.
10% buy/sell fee (7% to increase token price + 3% to dice fund)
1% transfer fee (to increase token price)
There are no developer fees (0%)
There are no referral programme (0%)
LUCK is a deflationary token running on the TRON blockchain.
LUCK is scarce and deflationary. It has a limited max supply of 10M and a 3% burn rate on transfers.
Distribution of LUCK token (9M to LUCKY games and 1M for development and promotion)
You obtain 1 LUCK when you invest a minimum of 10 trx.